In less than 2 months, I will be doing something I never thought possible, I will be working 100% with and for On the Go Boutique.  This has been a silent dream in my head since Anna and I first started talking about opening our social media based boutique 6 years ago, and something we have both worked very hard for over the years.  There have been times in years past where Anna and I  thought, "what if it could be so much more", and NOW, well, now it's actually happening.  In the fall of 2020, we talked about what we had experienced with going through the pandemic, along with the rest of the world.  We talked about how that experience affected our lives, and what we really wanted to spend our time focused on.  Obviously family is number one, but a close second was, we really wanted to dive head first into growing On the Go Boutique.  We decided to take the plunge of opening a physical location, and months later, and with the help of Anna and her husband and his construction company, we opened our brick and mortar location in Springfield, IL in August 2021.  We now have a store manager, a sales team, and a back of the house shipping team that we couldn't survive without.

I have been working in marketing and supply chain logistics for 15 years for another company, in another industry, and what I didn't realize is that business career helped me to grow and learn so many skills that actually lend themselves to OUR clothing business.  I didn't see the synergies in the two businesses until about a year ago, but now I can't "unsee" it, and I know this is the path I was meant to be on.  I am absolutely elated to be able to focus, for the first time in 6 years, solely on all things On the Go Boutique.  I can't wait to bring you new handmade jewelry, new blog posts, new recipes, new workouts, new makeup, new shoes, new outfits, new EVERYTHING!  This is only the beginning and I. Can't. Wait. So THANK YOU to everyone who has been following the journey Anna and I have been on over the years, and for all of your support.  We can't wait for you to see what's next, I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

I am not sure why it took me to long to come to the conclusion that this was really my next step, but I wanted to share a video from Steve Harvey where he so eloquently states, "Jump", sometimes you just need a little push, so hopefully this video helps you to feel ready for your next step in life, whatever that may be.

February 05, 2022 — Becky Listenberger